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Monday 26/9/2016
Urgent/ "Ministry of Agriculture": The Egyptian delegation succeeded in lifting the ban imposed on the exports of agricultural products to Russia
Dr. Essam Fayed, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation said that Russia agreed to lift the temporary restrictions imposed on certain Egyptian exports of agricultural products after Egypt's commitment to take all necessary measures to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products exported to the Russian market.
Wednesday 21/9/2016
"Fayed" endorses the largest staff promotions at the Ministry of Agriculture .
largest promotions at the Ministry, in pursuance of the provisions of Circular No. 7 of 2014, and the approval of the Central Agency for upgrading emloyees who have spent interfaces of the periods necessary for promotion .
Sunday 25/9/2016
Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Agriculture ..The Desert Research Center organizes the fifth scientific seminar under the theme "Innovative technologies in camel production “
Desert Research Center organized its fifth scientific seminar under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Essam Fayed , Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation . The theme of the seminar was :”innovative technologies in camel production” .
Wednesday 20/7/2016
"The Ministry of Agriculture" involved in "Helwa Ya Balady" initiative by providing seedlings and trees to beautify the streets .
Dr. Essam Fayed Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation stressed the importance of the role played by "Helwa Ya Balady" initiative to beautify the streets and squares of Egypt, and local community development, and environmental conservation, and expressed his best wishes for the continuation of the initiative at all levels to disseminate the green culture and beautify the environment throughout our beloved Egypt.
Monday 26/9/2016
"The ministry of Agriculture": Approval of the establishment of 500 schools within the public utility projects so far “
An official report issued by the Central Administration of Lands Protection, revealed the total number of schools approved to be established on agricultural lands in different governorates as part of public utility projects.
Thursday 22/9/2016
"Ministry of Agriculture": intensive campaigns to control trafficking in pesticides, fertilizers in markets .
Dr. Essam fayed , minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation , stressed the Ministry that will continue its campaigns for inspection and control of agricultural pesticides and agricultural production requirements market based on coordination between the Central Administration for Pest Control and environment police and Supply inspectors , in order to spot any irregularities or cases of fraud that could hurt agricultural production and people's health.
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